Tuesday, May 09, 2006


AWESOME, hail to all the artists...Thank you for the open hand, finish all the dateline n barrier, Thanx to PLAY Times (Mr. Zaki, & Miss.Yuki), JUICE IND, and the one who put all her Faith to support us: Mrs. Didiet & Miss. Wawah (and all TOIMOI crew)

HOAAHHHH...WE COVERED AND PUBLISHED ON PLAY MAGS, 2 PAGES, JULY EDITION, and the vad thing is the PLAY Mags haven't reach J-Town (Jakarta) until right now! I will post the covered for all of you guys!

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aprilia said...

Nice work.... dibelakang ada orang jelek tuh si jablay hehehe....
kapan ya bisa collab....

Nice to know U