Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Exhibitionist

These two exhibitions were set before my pregnancy (yes, dear, I'm pregnant now!!).
And the story behind these exhibitions are really something for me.

After 3,5 years married, November last year i must got a very pretty f'''ed bad news from my doctor that i got pregnancy outside my womb. So i must operated urgently.
One month after the operation, i set the exhibition again, inform the curator and off course trying get into exercise - practise. The result is 'gloomy'. I still trying to continue the process...until one day my pregnancy test showing up with positive result. Yes i'm pregnant again. The process continue again. But the think still gloomy, but this time its different...

Gloomy because i miss a lot of things....i miss honesty, simplicity, good process, privacy, quality, and dealing between you and your own devil.

See u on my exhibition.